Sunday, June 04, 2006

Officer Meerkat

I have to do a paper on any type of animal. I was googling animals, and almost all of them were boring. I finally came across 'meerkat'. I found information on meerkats, but I needed a good picture to go with it. You will never believe what I found. I found this picture of a meerkat dressed as a police officer. Wanna see it? Look at the left of this text.

This is the most hysterical picture I've ever seen. Instead of calling Officer James, call Officer Meerkat. LOL!

Before you call do they pick up the phone??

Note: Don't tell me I'm crazy...I already know that.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Microsoft Is Updating!

I have to say, Microsoft is doing some serious updating. They have put out alot of new software, all of which I find very interesting. Let me tell you what's out.

  • Windows Vista Beta

Microsoft has released Windows Vista Beta. Vista is alot better than Windows XP. It has a sleeker, cleaner, and just better interface. At the moment Vista is still in Beta, but soon it should have its first stable version very soon. Vista will make any computer user's head turn. I'll let you know when Vista is available for download. In the meantime, make sure your PC is Vista ready at the Windows Vista Homepage.

  • Windows Media Player 11

A new addition to the Windows Media player family, this has farrrrrrr more advanced features than any other media player I've tried. Win. Media Player 11's homepage is here.

  • Windows Internet Explorer

This sleek and clean interface will make you download Windows Internet Explorer. Windows Internet Explorer??? Isn't it Microsoft Internet Explorer? Nope, as part of Microsoft's rebranding process, we now have Windows IE. IE doesn't take up that much room with bulky toolbars like in IE6. The only bad thing is that Internet Explorer 7 can only be downloaded on Windows XP. It's already installed on Vista. I don't know if all OS will be able to upgrade to Vista, or only XP. We shall see.....

  • Office 2007 Beta

Microsoft has created Office 2007, after 2003. It is very different, and worth the time....sorta. It took my PC 2 hours when downloading the Professional pack (I got tired of waiting, and stopped), though it can take 4 hours. I like it, though Publisher isn't that different. Don't ask. Download Office 2007 here.

Well, I'll keep you up-to-date on what Microsoft creates. Let me know how Office 2007 is.